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Whiteboard / Animation / Explainer ………..from $199

These are great marketing tools because they showcase how your business solves your customer’s problems.

Many different styles to choose from. Male or Female character. White board. Hand Drawn. Corporate Video. Table Style. Promotional Style. Cool Business. And more…

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More Samples


Hand Drawn

Cool Business (43 seconds long)

Female Character


Corporate Video – Man or Woman (Sample video coming soon…)

Animated Handwrite Paper (Sample video coming soon…)

Corporate Hand Gestures (Sample video coming soon…)

Online Business (Sample video coming soon…)

Web App Intro (Sample video coming soon…)

Table Style (Sample video coming soon…)

Explainer Video Business (Sample video coming soon…)

Easy Way (Sample video coming soon…)

Promotion Style (Sample video coming soon…)

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"Greg quickly got me started in using video as part of my newest business launch. He created a video for me after I provided just a few key points that I wanted to include. He then worked with me in the most accommodating manner to ensure that I got exactly what I wanted. I'm sure that this is just the beginning of a great relationship!"

Dr. Arthur Eckstat - Product Liability Attorney Consultant

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